[Dust] Product Update 3

[Dust] Product Update 3

GPT-4o - OpenAI's newest frontier model - is now available on Dust and we’ll be fast following with support for Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro. We also released new assistant templates and added automated suggestions to help you better prompt models.

🔄 Updated GPT-4 Model to GPT4o

GPT4o is OpenAI’s newest model - GPT4o and it’s now available on Dust to power the @gpt4 global agent as well as all data source agents. Please note that your existing GPT-4 Turbo assistants have not been automatically migrated to GPT4-o.

🎨 Assistant Templates Gallery

Dust’s Template Gallery is now live! When creating a new assistant, you can choose to start from scratch or to use an existing template. Templates provide pre-filled instructions and guidance to help you build new assistants.

🤖 Suggested Instructions when Building Assistants

As part of the assistant creation experience, we now automatically suggest effective prompts.

📤 Multi-File Uploads in the Input Bar

You can now upload multiple files simultaneously via the chat bar.

🤐 Developer secrets

Store secure secrets like API keys, tokens, and passwords that you can use in Dust Apps when using the cURL block.

📚 Add Dust Assistants to Your Slack Workflow

Dust now supports richer interactions with Slack workflows. Automate recurring tasks by creating Slack workflows that interact with Dust assistants. Follow the guide.

🔌 More Flexibility for Intercom Connection

Admins can now exclude Intercom notes and choose to sync all conversations, giving you more control over synced Intercom data.

🌐 Dust Website Refresh

We've revamped our website to communicate Dust's capabilities better. Check out the new product pages, function-based solutions, updated pricing, and more.

⚙️ [BETA] Create An Assistant to Process Large Amounts of Data

You can now process large amounts of data from a specific time frame to extract structured data. This enables new use cases that previously required complex custom Dust apps. Read more here.

📝 [BETA] Google Meet Transcripts Summarization

Automate the summarization of your Google Meet transcripts and have them sent to you via email. This feature currently supports English transcripts only.

👋 The Process Data action and Google Meet Transcripts are currently in beta and available to all users. We'd love for you to give it a spin and share your feedback as we prepare to open it up more broadly. Write us and explain your use case at team@dust.tt if you want to beta test one of these features.

➕ And much more...

We hope these updates enhance your Dust experience and help you achieve more with LLMs and your custom assistants.

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