Dust Product Update 1

Dust Product Update 1


Dust makes work work better with custom AI assistants.

The past month has been packed with powerful new features and upgrades.

 ⛵️Mistral Large Now Available

• You can now access Mistral Large via the new @mistral-large global assistant (you can also use it to build custom assistants).
• Mistral Large, is the latest and most advanced language model from Mistral.
🔗 https://mistral.ai/news/mistral-large/


Mistral Large in Dust

 🧠New Cutting-Edge Models from Anthropic

• Claude 3 Opus is now powering the @claude-3 global assistant, delivering a major performance boost over Claude 2.1.
• Opus is Anthropic's most intelligent model, with best-in-market performance and a very lage context window (200k tokens).
• All custom assistants using Claude 2.1 have been automatically upgraded to Claude 3 Opus.
🔗 https://www.anthropic.com/news/claude-3-family

Claude Opus, Sonnet and Haiku in Dust

 📊Introducing Table Queries

• Create custom assistants to perform quantitative queries on Notion databases, Google Sheets, and CSV.
• Ask questions like "Show me top customers by revenue" and get back instant insights.
• Enable everyone to make data-informed decisions without needing SQL or analytics expertise.
🔗 https://blog.dust.tt/dusts-for-quantitative-analysis-with-llms/

 📘Confluence Connection

• Connect your Confluence instance to Dust to sync global spaces and pages.
• Simply add Confluence as a data source and let your assistants tap into that collective wisdom.

Confluence is now available in Dust

 💬Intercom Connection

• Connect Intercom to sync Help Center articles and customer conversations to Dust.
• Choose which Teams to sync conversations from and control access to customer data.

Intercom modal to synchronize selected Help Center articles and Conversations

🤖 Summon Assistants in Slack

• Interact with any Dust assistant right from Slack using the @dust ~assistantname or @dust +assistantname syntax. Bring the power of Dust to the tools you use every day.

Interact with your custom assistants in Slack

📒 Quick Start Guide

• We've added a handy walkthrough on first login to explain Dust fundamentals and help new users get oriented. Be sure to check it out!

Read our new Start Guide

🏗️ Dust Builders Sessions #1

• Tune in on March 14th for our first Dust Sessions for Builders webinar! Folks from Alan, Pennylane, and Payfit will be demoing their innovative support and sales assistants.
• Admin and Builders, save your spot now! Send an email to pauline@dust.tt.

Alan, Pennylane, and Payfit shared their learnings building with Dust

➕ And more...
• Refreshed assistant details page and builder UX.
• Experimental instruction suggestions and website crawling settings.
• New blog posts: How Eléonore improved the efficiency of Pennylane’s Care team thanks to Dust and Why Dust.

Happy building,

The Dust Team